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Enchanted Forest To Host On-Site Medical Cannabis

Last year, Enchanted Forest Gathering became the second-ever United States music festival to offer on-site medical marijuana services. This year, EFG is proud to announce that it will once again host Emerald Pharms dispensary, making cannabis use accessible to festival attendees.

With the state of California voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana later this year, EFG may pave the way for future festivals introducing access to alternative medicines. EFG believes that the sale of medical cannabis at festivals will be a growing conscious movement around the country in the coming years, and is proud to embrace more natural forms of healing.

Offering marijuana access also falls in line with Enchanted Forest’s spirit of acceptance and healing. By eliminating alcohol and encouraging marijuana use, EFG fosters a space safe for learning, communing with nature, and artistic creation in a setting that isn’t always accessible in everyday life. EFG workshops will focus on herbal healing aspects of marijuana, while Project CBDtrained staff will educate attendees on the therapeutic uses of the entire plant.

Now in it’s 6th year, Enchanted Forest is under two weeks away from hosting over 70 internationally acclaimed musicians in the Humboldt redwoods of Northern California. In addition to EFG’s impressive musical lineup, over 50 yogis and artists will be sharing their knowledge with festival attendees.  The announcement of on-site medical marijuana adds even more opportunity to enhance EFG’s unique festival experience.

Tickets are still on sale here if you want to participate in the gathering!


Enchanted Forest: Get Saucy Without The Sauce

“Imagine 2 festivals. Both have the same exact lineup. Both are at the same exact setting. Ticket price is the same. Everything is exactly the same except for one thing. 1 sells alcohol. 1 does not. Which festival would you choose to go to and why?” – The Polish Ambassador

Enchanted Forest Gathering is one of the first of its kind to be a non-alcoholic event. This year marks its 6th annual gathering and the first without the ‘sauce’. This time Enchanted Forest encourages festival-goers to try intoxicating themselves with the energy and love of those around them without the help of a drink.

Set in the remote forests of Northern California, this smaller festival is the ideal venue to try something new. The festival producers may have a good point too – perhaps all we need at a show is some music, some art and good vibes.

The music Enchanted Forest has drawn will make this transition easy. The groovy beats that drip out of the speakers when Shpongle or The Polish Ambassador take the stage are already delightful and disorienting.

Enchanted Forest’s approach is not one of judgment, nor disgust. It’s simply an experiment based on a hunch. A hunch that for millennia humans have danced in nature to earthly sounds without the need for mixed drinks or craft beers. So why not try returning to our roots?

Let us know what you think of the idea!

You can learn more about Enchanted Forest and their experiment here.

Enchanted Forest Gathering Preview

Next month Breaking Borders will continue its coverage of transformational music festivals with a trip to the 6th annual Enchanted Forest Gathering. This year Enchanted Forest has recruited its most highly anticipated line up to date, headlined by England’s Shpongle and California’s own Polish Ambassador. Prominent yogis and live artists have helped to sell out Enchanted Forests’ pre-sale in what looks be it’s largest gathering yet.

As it grows, Enchanted Forest remains boldly independent and off the beaten path. Over the years Enchanted Forest has cultivated a community of comfort and acceptance by supporting gender equality with the Free The Nipple campaign, hosting on-site medical marijuana dispensaries and now they have pushed the envelope again by becoming an alcohol-free festival.

Art & Health

Enchanted Forest is inspiring for its appreciation of art and healthy consciousness. In addition to installations and site-specific stages, Enchanted Forest hosts a variety of live painters to perform over the course of the weekend. There will also be a wide variety of health oriented focused workshops, from ‘Conscious Carnivores’ to ‘Healing Hugs with Bonz’ and ‘Clowning as a Healing Art’.

Workshops & Yoga

‘Conscious Speed Dating’ and the ‘Science Workshop: Medical Marijuana’ are among the many curious workshop offerings. As if the schedule wasn’t already packed, yogis will be leading movement classes all day. Highlights in the yoga tents will certainly be the ‘Yoga of Bass’ experience and the lively ‘Soul Motion’.


Of course, Enchanted Forest would not be what it is without its mind bending music. Funky beats will definitely be provided by The Polish Ambassador, saQi and Autograf. We also expect to receive a full dose of bass from the likes of Clozee, Minnesota and Atyya. Meanwhile the legendary Shpongle will draw the largest crowds thanks to Simon’s wonky high speed bass. While flow toys and hoopers will move to the bass by night, the calming melodies of Ayla Nereo and Hamsa Lila will be a welcomed break from the main stage acts.

Good Vibes

Hosted in a remote grove of Humboldt redwoods, many are surprised you can get so far off the grid in California. The way people engage in the community and share with one another is what makes conscious living gatherings so profound. More a movement than a concert, Enchanted Forest teaches everyone how to party with a purpose.

Enchanted Forest was founded with idea that everyone is searching for the same thing – healing and community. Between the music, art and camping a community of equally open and likeminded people naturally forms. While some musical gatherings have traded community for commodity, gatherings like Enchanted Forest still feel like a just bunch of friends getting together to dance.

We look forward to seeing this one for ourselves. Stay tuned for our featured piece on Enchanted Forest next month!


Lightning in a Bottle

Intro by Rourke Healey. Photos by Nick Neumann.

Over Memorial Day Weekend the Breaking Borders team kicked off the festival season by trekking down to Bradly, CA to experience Lightning in A Bottle. Taking place on the shores of a dry lakebed half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, LIB is one of California’s premiere transformational music festivals.

This year marks Breaking Borders 4th LIB, giving us the chance to reflect on how far LIB has come and how it has kept the magic that makes it special.

For the uninitiated LIB blends the musical attractions of Coachella with the DIY spirit of Burning Man. Veteran burners with U-hauls and sprawling encampments party next weathered hippies and bros camping in their pick up trucks. Yoga enthusiasts wake up early to attend crowded classes, while house heads stumble back to camp after long nights of dancing. More than anything LIB is filled with good-looking weird people that enjoy being themselves.

At LIB there isn’t one party. For those that need to dance, the music goes all night. For the early birds that wake at sunrise for yoga, it is there. And for some, they can do it all. Yogis acknowledge their hungover participants on Saturday morning, but withhold judgment. An unconscious cloud of acceptance surrounds the entire experience.

This was LIB’s third gathering at Lake San Antonio and its largest edition since it started 16 years ago in Los Angeles. With more people came larger crowds and more traffic, but somehow the energy and feeling of a small community remained. It seems LIB has learned how to sell out without selling out.

As it grows, the spirit of LIB evolves and spreads with it. LIB effortlessly teaches newcomers how to join the vibe as it overwhelms them, consuming each with positivity, and gently forcing them to participate. The bridges were a constant chain of high fives, the campsites a breeding grounds for sharing, and the inviting nature of strangers everpresent.

The DO LaB has a knack for bringing in music you didn’t know you loved. Each stage has a distinct sound and energy – the Woogie is a house lover’s heaven; the Thunder stage is LIB’s home of bass. Watching the crowd glow to Lee Burridge’s sunset set at the Woogie on Sunday you could feel the DO LaB’s dedication to finding artists that fit each stages personality.

Highlights from the Thunder stage included the Desert Dwellers extravagant live experience, Tokimosta’s genre-less remixes and The Polish Ambassadors liquid grooves. The Lightning stage hosted many of the live ‘headliners’ this year, from Grimes to Chet Faker’s closing set. It was a hotspot for late afternoon tunes as well with Marian Hill and Lafa Taylor getting the crowd into it. And of course, the Woogie kept on doing its thing, even with a few edits to the fabled treehouse. Each day the Woogie got started early with the help of Dirtybird’s own Sascha Robotti and Justin Jay. The booty-shaking bass didn’t slow down much all weekend thanks to andhim, Four Tet and Guy Gerber’s closing late Sunday.

The LIB ethos encourages all to reflect, rejuvenate, and celebrate (and dance). By Sunday evening it seems those who got lost have been found, those experiencing LIB with love ones have grown closer and those entering alone have found a family.

Unlike other festivals you won’t find people pouring over set times or rushing to stages. Instead people wander about, popping into a particularly lively cooking lesson, pausing at the subtly profound live painting, popping into the Favela Bar for a dance party or slowing down to walk with a new friend they’ve made.

For half a century California has made itself home to conscientious hedonism. Now, in this new age of festivals, LIB sets itself apart as a worthwhile pilgrimage. Filling the golden hills with beautiful sounds and an inclusive spirit, LIB will remind you of the power of human creativity and your own self worth.

Exploring Marrakesh

Top 6 Places to Visit in Marrakech

by Alison Stone

Marrakesh or Marrakech, meaning Land of God, is a city lying in the North-Western African nation Morocco. The city is divided into two sections called Medina and Gueliz. The city has a large number of historical sites and museums for tourists and even locals to visit. The thing about Medina is that you can reach a lot of places on foot, even though the walk is long, you do not have to worry about paying for transport. So, if you decide to spend your vacations in this beautiful city, here are some places you might want to consider visiting:

Koutoubia Masjid

  1. Koutoubia Masjid

The Masjid is the symbol of Marrakech. This place is as important as the Eifel Tower is to Paris. It is right beside Djemaa El-Fna and is named after the booksellers market that was once located there. It is still used for prayers and non-Muslims are not allowed to enter but they can see it from the outside. It was built following the themes of the Almohad and topped with four copper globes.Marrakech Souks

  1. Shopping At Souks

This is the most popular market place of the Marrakech. All you just need is to name an item and you will find it at really affordable rates if you are a local. If you are a foreigner, then they will probably demand more so do not forget to bargain with them. Secondly, if you run out of local currency, then you will find merchants willing to accept the equivalent amount in dollars. Its located north of Jemaa El-Fna.Maison Tiskiwin

  1. Maison Tiskiwin

Maison Tiskiwin is a big chunk of private property under the name of a veteran Dutch anthropologist. The house is decorated by arts and crafts that have been collected from South Morocco and Sahara. The tour is basically a walk through the different countries from the Tunisia to Timbuktu. The entry is not free but it is still really cheap. Saadian Tombs

  1. Saadian Tombs

The Saadian Tombs were discovered pretty late, around the turn of 20th century. They are located near the Kasbah masjid which is extremely popular among the visitors. If you visit the tombs, then you would always find a large crowd so be prepared to stand in line for a while. You will also find tombs of Jews and Christians. There is a small entry fee here as well. Bahia Palace

  1. Bahia Palace

The palace offers a proper tour by providing you with a guide on your visit. Those who want to experience the life of a 19th century nobleman would definitely find this an ideal stop. The exterior is decorated with a big garden containing a large number of beautiful flowers and fruit plants. There are usually very few people gathered at the Palace so you have the freedom to roam around without bumping into people. Majorelle Gardens

  1. Majorelle Gardens

While Majorelle Gardens are breathtaking and consists of unique plants and vegetation, it is also a bit overpriced when you compare it with all the other great places you can visit in Marrakech. But, nonetheless, it is a great place to run off to find peace when the city becomes too overbearing. There is a café and a museum in the gardens, and there is a gift shop at the end which also contains 100 year old photographs among other things.

At the end of the day when you are too tired, you would find a lot of exquisite hotels to rest up in. Some of which include Riad El Fenn, Jnane Tamsna, Peacock Pavilions, etc. Enjoy your trip to Marrakech and do not forget to pay a visit to all the above mentioned neighborhoods while you are there.

Author Bio: Alison works at Dissertation cube where she provides dissertation writing help to students. In spare time she writes blogs for students starting their career and for those who are still in jobs. Find her on Google+.

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