Lightning in a Bottle Music Preview


The main music stages at Lightning In A Bottle always offer a combination of well known and underrated artists, creating a diverse line-up and abundant sonic atmosphere for all your ear-gasmic cravings. At Breaking Borders, we like to focus on local artists as well as international acts. These artists offer a unique and attracting sound quality, bringing the world together through cross-cultural music styles, live-tronica and ethnic fusion. When we approach the music side of festivals, we look for and are inspired by artists that show consciousness in their music and express deep intentions through lyrics and instrumentation. 

Here is our list of must-see music acts at LIB 2017:


Bomba Estéreo (11:15pm FRI)

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Bomba Estéreo brings forth an eclectic mix of traditional cumbia and electronica fused with a psychedelic flavor. Over the last 5 years, the group has gained a distinct global identity, touring across 40 countries and recently has become a premier name at many well known festivals around the world. Due to their flavorful live-tronic sound that both captivates listeners with spacey melodies while energizing them with latin inspired bass heavy beats, there’s no question why they have gained popularity.  We view Bomba Estéreo as a pioneering group for combining a strong tropical folkloric legacy from their ancestral roots while still utilizing the qualities of live-electronic music today and as they reach more and more audiences worldwide, they desplay a clear example of a unique music formation that breaks borders. For this, there’s no mistake why they have been added to this year’s main stage line-up at LIB and we couldn’t be more excited!

Nicola Cruz (7:35pm FRI)

Nicola Cruz will headline the Lightning stage for the first sunset of the weekend. His unique ‘ande-step’ sound mixes ethnic vocals and percussion from his home country of Ecuador with rythmic downtempo beats. Expect lush soundscapes and organic beats to drift across the Lightning island on Friday night.

Bonobo (10:30pm SUN)

This talented British group will be the calm before the storm Sunday, as Bonobo will set the stage for Bassnectar’s closing set. Known for long winding melodies infectious house beats, Bonobo defies categorization. Now on tour for a recent album, Bonobo (originally a one man operation) has added live drums, horns and keys to its live performance.


Plantrae (1:45PM SAT)

Coming from the deep woodland wilderness of Oregon to make the journey south, Plantrae’s recent 1 year hiatus has come to a close as he kicks off a strong summer festival run this weekend. After taking time off to respire, gather new material and cultivate fresh earthy beats with more folky instrumental additions, Plantrae is sure to offer new sonic pathways to deepen our roots and uplift our branches. His tickling psy bass flavor combined with heart opening melodies and live Viola accompaniment is a resonant experience that lingers long after. As it is one of our favorite sound production styles of it kind today, we can tell you with all sincerity that his Saturday early afternoon set is not one to miss at Thunder.

Kalya Scintilla (6:15pm SAT)

Kalya Scintilla has created his own unique earthy sound. Expect Kalya to bring life to the Thunder stage during his evening set with signature Australian tribal psy-bass and upbeat world fusion sounds blended into a pleasantly disorienting dance party.  Look for Kalya’s other-worldly sound, along with EveOlution, at the Thunder stage on Saturday.

Hedflux (11:00pm SAT)

Appearing for his first time at LIB, Hedflux is going to headline Saturday night’s fast paced thunder stage experience. His recent album includes downtempo, and groovey glitch and dub tunes. But being scheduled between Dimond Saints and Perfect Stranger, he will likely play his signature uptempo ‘psy-break’ style – helping to speed the crowd up for Perfect Stranger, LIB’s first Psy-Trance artist ever.



KMLN (Kameleon) (2:30pm SUN)

An eclectic mix of live instruments and organic deep house beats, this Canadian duo is sure to make you dance. Their signature playa sound layers deep bass melodies on top of driving techno and house beats to create an auditory journey for those on board. Look for them at the Woogie midday Sunday.



Dirtwire (2:30am SAT)

At the Grand Artique we are excited to witness a late night Dirtwire set. A collaboration of artists from Beats Antique and Stellamara, this trio brings together traditional instrumentation and world-beat percussion to create electronic soundscapes bound to make you dance.



Armen Miran (8:00pm FRI)

Originally from Armenia, Armen Miran has established himself within the Los Angeles deep house scene. We like his signature slow ethno-house vibe. Performing at the Favela Bar at sunset on Friday, his long sweeping string and vocal melodies will gently guide you into the night.

Brian Hartman (2:00pm  SUN)

Hailing from Nevada City, Brian Hartman is an eclectic and prolific DJ with three sets throughout the weekend at LIB this year. His refined upbeat and positive style draws on dub, cumbia, ethnohouse, hip hop and dancehall. We are excited for the sweet sound of latin and African melodies coming from the Favela Bar during his midday Sunday set.


BOLO (5:30pm FRI)

This recently formed world acoustic fusion group based out of the Bay Area delicately combines a wide range of western and traditional instruments from the middle-east and Africa with devotional lyrics sung in languages including Hebrew, Arabic and Swahili. The cross-cultural trio provides powerful songs filled with passion and meaning as well as get the body moving through fun rhythmic instrumentation.

Yaima (8:00pm THUR)

We are incredibly excited for Yaima’s performance this year. The Seattle based folk-tronic group is one of kind, offering a intricately soothing journey filled with ethereal soundscapes and lyrics full of timeless wisdom. Their songs weave earthy tapestries of acoustic instruments including hangpan, didgeridoo and guitar while blending spacious electronic bass effects and synths to move listeners into a transcendent state of bliss.

Stellamara (2:30am SUN)

Returning for a second consecutive year, this world-renown world music ensemble has gained incredible response for their expressive qualities of mysterious beauty through their powerful songs that bring out devotion and ancient tradition. Stellamara contains multiple members including Evan Fraser (BOLO, Dirtwire) and centered around main vocalist Sonja Drakulich who’s voice penetrates space and transcends time through a pure expression of spirit.


Marie Sioux (9:30PM SAT)

Through a beautifully transcendent solo perfemance, Mary Sioux offers acoustic songs, weaving together nature and ancestry with  piercing lyrics and a finger picking style of guitar. Come bask in her soothing  serenading  sounds at the intimate Lodge stage on Saturday night.