Lightning In a Bottle Compass Preview

This year at Lightning in a Bottle Gathering in Bradley, California, Breaking Borders will be covering the alternative spaces and conscious acts that emphasize change making principles as well as actively engage attendees in educational opportunities. The vast amount of attractions are focused on holistic healing, traditional knowledge, environmental awareness and cross-cultural understanding. Our main focus will be centered around The Compass. This newly redesigned Temple of Consciousness will consists of 6 interactive areas including Craft, Landing, Feast, Crossroads, Cauldron and Beacon. Each space is designed to host different topics, disciplines and expertise through a mix of talks, panels, workshops, and global music performances.

As LIB continues to expand, we’ve noticed the general perspective can change. As is the case with many highly acclaimed festivals over time, the point of view switches from a smaller conscious gathering to a larger commercialized attraction. When this happens the underlying spirit can become masked by big names and trendy appeal. For this reason, we have chosen to look deeper into these essential aspects of Lightning in a Bottle that we believe are the soul of any transformational gathering. To give you an idea of the magic in store this year at the Compass, we have broken down each space, acknowledging their intensions and showcasing the type of experiences that await your arrival.


Created with the intention to educate and cultivate action, The Beacon supports the movement towards a better world with talks, rituals and performances.  The Beacon will serve as center stage for LIBs largest non-musical talks, in addition to hosting musical artists at night. The Beacon will center performances on connectivity with the earth and each other by focusing on our interwoven stories and collective  journey towards consciousness.



At the Landing, we expect to get our hands dirty. With a focus on the history of the First Nations, Permaculture and Technoculture, this stage will host the most diverse speaker line up at LIB this year. Talks on the rights and importance of indigenous land will highlight a speaker line up that promises to engage listeners and encourage action.



The Haven will be LIBs most intimate hub. Healing sessions and lessons on body work promote enhanced contact with healers and with each other. Workshops on interpersonal dynamics and relationships will help realign relations with loved ones and strangers alike.



Craft is an area dedicated to hands-on learning opportunities surrounding plant medicine, folk tradition, community healing and craft making. Home to spaces such as Community Lodge, Witches Hut, Herbal and Folk Arts Arbors and Hearth, this Point of the Compass will be your source to engage in beautiful crafts and learn new skills all related to earth based living with the intension of restoring harmony with nature.



To enhance your global senses, we bring you our most anticipated area, Crossroads. This interactive space is your ticket to explore world culture at Lightning at a Bottle. Offering exciting and diverse classes on music and dance traditions from around the the globe, at Crossroads you will be able to break borders, learn methods and embrace the depth of cross-cultural expression.



A distinct space housed within the Craft area, Cauldron offers a powerful atmosphere full of magic and spirit. Centered around esoteric and mystical studies, this transformational hub will be a fuming container for you to explore the depth of our intuitive existence throughout history and uncover understanding of our place within the great mystery.



An always tasteful space at festivals alike, Feast will be a point of the Compass you will gladly attend at some moment. Housing the infamous Learning Kitchen, this nourishing space will provide opportunities to appease your palate and experience the culinary healing behind food culture. Along side workshops, Feast will provide the Last Supper’s Brunch Club, an eating area for you to indulge in the sensory delights of food in a social fashion.


The reimagined Compass Peninsula will provide LIB participants with speakers and music to bring life to the movement towards a better world. Sitting at the center of LIB, the Compass Peninsula includes workshops and speakers that will inspire, educate and motivate action. The Crossroads, Landing and Cauldren are aligned to serve as the primary centers of education at LIB. The Haven and Craft will provide opportunities to learn tangible methods of action and connect more deeply the self and those around us. The Beacon will stand at the center of the Compass, educating participants on alternative visions for the future and giving direction to the conscious movement.

Lightning In a Bottle will be taking place over Memorial Day weekend from May 24-28th. Breaking Borders will be covering the events music and speakers throughout the weekend. Look forward to another preview of Lightning In a Bottle’s musical line up soon.