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My Maasai FamilyGrowing up in downtown San Francisco surrounded by tourists, bums and crackheads gave Nick a unique perspective on inner city living. His diverse upbringing conditioned him for a globetrotting life of urban adventure. After traveling extensively through South Asia, he kicked it with Maasai warriors during a four month stay in Tanzania, majored in Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College and recently spent seven months backpacking around South America making documentaries. 

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IMG_7561Born and raised in San Francisco, Walker graduated in 2013 from the New School University in  New York City, majoring in International Relations and Chinese. He began his travels during a high school exchange to Argentina, and hasn’t stopped traveling since.  Tired of the guidebook recommendations, Walker has always sought out the more unusual and off the beaten path locations. With this in mind, he is applying his love for photography and travel in order to kickstart a career as a journalist, redefining the profession in rapidly changing world.

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IMG_9755Born and bred in San Francisco’s  Mission district his world was confined to the Bay Area. That was until he finally broke through the Bay’s borders when Nick and Walker took him along for a trip Brazil and taught him the ways of the road. Now, he’s using the skills he learned in Brazil all around the world and writing about his experiences.

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